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Information and empowerment

iCase is a Social Cooperative Enterprise focused on journalism and multimedia productions.

From the omniatv team

With experience since 2011


Working in parity and with co-decision

Fields of iCase S.C.E.

What we do

We work in independent research and journalism, as well as creative media services.



iCase operates omniatv which is one of the oldest independent and grassroots journalism and media platforms in Greece


By participating in a Social Cooperative Enterprise, we ensure that we work in parity with each other and no profits can be accumulated.


Building upon experience spanning over a decade, iCase includes that offers design, media and web development services.

How we work

Collaboration is the way

iCase is a Social Cooperative Enterprise (S.C.E. - "Κοιν.Σ.Επ." in Greek). This legal form belongs to the Social and Solidary Economy sector (SSE), which means that its members are those who work in it and all planning and decisions is made by them. There are no shareholders, and any appointments to administrative positions are always revocable by the general assembly.

Who we are

The creative people

Members of iCase S.C.E.

(in alphabetical order)

Antonis Dimopoulos

Artistic Nerd

Multimedia artist and designer working with graphics, 3D, video, as well as old-school computer nerd. He likes to find out by taking things apart and learn by building.

Tassos Theofilou

Convicted Writer

Obsessed with newspaper archives and trials, reporting from courtrooms. He wages a never-ending war against spelling.

Alexandros Litsardakis


Reporter, recorder, photographer and video editor. Places, people, actions are his building blocks.

Anna Nini


Writer, researcher and resourceful reporter. Loves tracing stories in deep and finding out connections.

Loukas Stamellos


Server guy. Breaks (digital) things. Loves language. He edits and debugs both texts and tools.

(well, in Greek alphabetical order, to be precise)